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Mirror for the REAL Blog

aiden, aki hakala, amy brown, angelina jolie, animal rescue, animals, anti-marriage protection week, artist's way, babylon 5, being barefoot, being happy, best friends, black sheets, books, buffy the vampire slayer, burning man, callahans, calvin and hobbes, cascading style sheets, chalacyn, chasing amy, chihuahua, chihuahua rescue, chihuahuas, cirque du soleil, clerks, coding, comedy, crochet, css, designing websites, diablo ii, dogma, dogs, drag queens, dvds, ebay, facepainting, faeries, fairy lights, fairy wands, fairy wings, fantasy, feather boas, feminism, finlandia, finnish music, finnish rock, firefly, flowers, forests, frank baum, going barefoot, h.i.m., happy thoughts, happy times, harry potter, hollywood, html, imagination, janne, jason lee, jean auel, kevin smith, kevin smith films, labyrinth, lauri ylönen, law & order svu, lion, lions, lucy lawless, magic, make-up on men, meerkat, meerkats, mercedes lackey, mige amour, monty python, movies, muds, musicals, narnia, ncis, open relationships, php, pippi longstocking, pirate movies, poison, polyamory, protection from bush week, quotes, rainbow, reading, relationships, road trips, roald dahl, rocky horror picture show, science fiction, science fiction & fantasy, self development, self improvement, serenity, sex-positive, sheri tepper, silent bob, spider robinson, sunset blvd, tank girl, terry goodkind, the neverending story, the rasmus, the roxy, the winyls, travel, tv on dvd, view askew, ville valo, web design, web development, web programming, wizard of oz, xena, xhtml